The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words 'kalos' which means beauty or beautiful, and 'sthenos' which roughly translates to strength. It is the art of using one's bodyweight as resistance in order to develop improved motor functions, strength and grace.


Calisthenics has been made popular by many practitioners around the world due to the fact that minimal equipment is required and can be practiced anywhere to achieve an incredible skillset and power to weight ratio. 

The front-lever, back-lever, muscle-up, flag, dip and planche have all become fundamental movement patterns to be attained within the Calisthenics framework / expression. 

Utilising between 10-15 variations on each of the above exercises and a multitude of rep ranges, I look to impart the principles through these forms and expressions to teach the practitioner an effective and practical way of moving the body into these key positions.