P R E - H A N D S T A N D  W A R M  UP  R O U T I N E

Welcome to your handstand warm-up ...


This warm up routine is specifically designed to improve attributes required to move towards handstand function and aesthetics.

In order to prepare the body to invert certain joint angles need to be worked on to attain a straight line. This straight line is the culmination of small rotations, articulations and combined tension throughout the body (working simultaneously).

The exercises within this session help to improve your balance by stacking the joints on top of 
each other and reducing the need for strength to compensate for what technique should be doing.


Make sure to complete this routine prior to every session (as well as the FRC morning routine daily). Consistency will yield profound results which will be apparent with the months of dedicated practice you will undoubtedly be putting in.

Feel free to regress or progress any exercise to compliment what YOUR body is telling you on the day. With the conditioning sets this is very important as FORM always take priority over REPS, SETS and SPEED. 

If you have any questions or need any more information please don't hesitate to contact me at info@davidtilstonmovement.com

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