Hand balancing is an art derived from gymnastics that involves holding and transitioning through varied inversions and movements on your hands. Any good handstand takes years to master and many hours are required to home in the skills and proprioceptive feedback needed to attain 'the line'. 

I have been fortunate to have learned hand balancing from two very dedicated and talented practitioners Miguel Santos and Yuval Ayalon via intensives, weekend workshops and one-to-ones over the last few years. 

Utilising a number of very manageable steps that are accessible to all regardless of the practitioners level of ability, I teach one-to-ones, workshops and ongoing trainings around the UK and abroad.


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"I found David by chance and consider myself very lucky in doing so. David will work and push you - but in a very supportive and safe way. His knowledge, after lengthy ongoing study and personal practice, is second to none and he is incredibly generous in sharing this with people. He has a genuine passion for health and well being and clearly loves what he does. I’ve worked with David in 1:1 sessions, group classes, workshops, online tutorials and have been fortunate enough to attend four of his international retreats. All of these have been incredibly well planned, very enjoyable and I’ve come away from each one learning something new. I would have no hesitation in recommending David but, be warned - you might get hooked!"

- Jo Mason


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