Saturday 13th November 2021
The Retreat, The New Forest, South England
1:30pm - 5:30pm


On Saturday 13th November I will be running a beginners to intermediate hand balance workshop in the New Forest, Hampshire, South England.

During the half day / 4+ hour, workshop we will explore a wide range of different skills that will help to improve your handstand and provide you with the tools to continue practicing beyond the weekend.


This workshop is for anyone who has experimented with any form of arm balance or inversion and would like to learn how to improve their; alignment, endurance, entries, balance and more advanced two arm shapes. The drills covered within this workshop will be using the wall, partner assisted and freestanding. All drills provided on the day will be based on your own ability


Beginners = Basic wall drills, entries to the wall and handstand conditioning (beginners - 30s plank required)

Intermediate = Basic to advanced wall & freestanding drills, all entries and freestyle practice (30s wall handstand required)

Although the workshop spans 4 hour there will be plenty of down time, coffee breaks and time to relax in between inversions. It is recommended that all participants can hold at least a 30s plank on your hands (preferably a 30s handstand against the wall), if you can freestand ... even better!


The workshop is limited to 12 places only as I am keen to provide an in depth and individual approach to all that attend.


For details on how to book please click on the link below. 


Workshop Price = £60

​​Once you have booked an email will be sent out to you which will contain; confirmation of your place, travel information, recommended accommodation for those that wish to stay overnight and any equipment that may be of use for the workshop.


If there are any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch using the link below - using the reference 'UK retreat'

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