1000 - 1200 ON SUNDAY 25TH APRIL

Join me on Sunday 25th April for this 2 hour progressive handstand workshop covering the; Pike Press, Straddle Press and Stalder press.

During the class I will provide and demonstrate a wide range of different variations so that regardless what level you are - there is a drill that is accessible for you. As we go further into the workshop the drills will become more challenging, providing the ideal environment for those looking to gain an insight into a structured programme which can be utilised for months to follow.



This workshop will cover the following topics and drills;

- Essential mobility
- Alignment
- Strength exercises
- Wall drills
- Freestanding holds
- Pike press
- Straddle Press
- Stalder Press


David will also finish by discussing how the drills in this workshop can be added into your existing practice as well as providing a class structure PDF that can be downloaded and followed for future use.

Prerequisites - to join this workshop it is recommended that you are able to hold a 30 second handstand on the wall … there is no requirement for an existing press to handstand or proficient freestanding hold, as this workshop is designed to accommodate and educate for long term progress.



£20 for the 2 hour workshop + a downloadable PDF programme on completion of the workshop

20% off with the code DTMOVE20


1 - To reserve your space, please head to the link below (this will direct you to The Movement Space).

2 - Use the code DTMOVE20 to get 20% off the workshop.

3 - Once paid you will receive an email to confirm your place on the workshop and receipt of your payment.

4 - After the workshop you will receive an email with a link to your PDF programme download.