Join me every Wednesday at 5pm BST for a one hour handstand class covering everything from basic alignment to conditioning and press to handstand.


This class is designed to improve your freestanding hand balances by focusing on a wide range of methods on and off the wall. The Invert class will compliment drills learned in the beginner’s classes and will present all class participants with a number of challenges to work on, in and outside of the class time.

Each session will start with alignment work and conditioning prior to progressing into more challenging and dynamic exercises which will include; wall drills, various entries including press, transitions, holds, strength moves and diverse sequences for those focusing on their freestanding practice.


Prerequisites - to join this workshop it is recommended that you are able to hold a 30 second handstand on the wall … there is no requirement for an existing press to handstand or proficient freestanding hold, as this class is designed to accommodate and educate for long term progress.



1 - To get involved with the classes please head to the link below

2 - Use the code DTMOVE10 to save 10%

3 - Either join the classes live or follow on catch up (each class is saved for 3-4 weeks)