Filipino Kyusho is a martial art based on universal movement principles. The art has been developed by GM Angelo Baldisonne utilising over 50 years of experience - teaching and learning around the world

I have studied this principle based martial art with Angelo from his home since 2010 and continued to apply the methods learned to all aspects of my life due to their universal applications. 


We are often asked 'what is it?' ... and like many things, it is easy to over analyse styles or techniques and forget that the fact we are human governs the principles that must be followed in order to understand the applications of these.

By studying the principles you can pick up any tool, weapon or piece of equipment and apply it in a highly effective manner. The way I study many other arts today is because of the influence GM Angelo has had on my learning and training. 

"Principles are expressed with forms, yet the forms do not always adhere to the principles" - enquire for further information and how to learn this incredible art.