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Five effective ways to stay healthy

Five Effective Ways to Get Fit

These 5 easy ideas could make a huge difference to your lifestyle

By David Tilston

We all want to get fit but sometimes we are unaware of what to do. With the large amount of material that is available, it is hard to know who to trust! BUT … there are ways that apply to anyone and cannot be argued with:

1. Water. Drink water and lots of it! We should aim to drink at least four pints of water a day. If you’re in a hot environment or partaking in a lot of physical exercise, this should increase. A one percent drop in hydration has been shown to reduce performance during exercise by up to 10 percent. Keep topped up, and consider the use of electrolytes to replace lost salts.

2. Walk. Walking is one of the most effective exercises for lymphatic system health. We’re all guilty of driving the car or bike right up to the door of the local shop. But consider walking that bit further, take the stairs, turn off the TV and get walking outdoors. Getting outdoors and acclimatising to our environment is also essential for good immune system function.

3. Squat. You can do this wherever you are. If you are sitting reading this now, you have probably squatted down to sit in that chair! Try this now: Stand up without leaning forward too much, this way we encourage the recruitment of the lower body, primarily the glutes (butt), quadriceps, hamstrings and core. At first you may need to support yourself by holding onto a secure object around shoulder height. As you improve, you can remove the support needed from that structure. If you keep this routine going, you will notice how your posture will improve, and your legs will become stronger enabling you to support your body. (See easy exercises below)

4. Eat clean. Eat as close to source as possible, avoid manufactured foods that have tonnes of ingredients listed on the label, and consider alternative foods that are ‘nutrient dense’. To keep this an enjoyable goal, allow yourself a cheat day. I personally have one meal a week that is a more relaxed version of my normal eating … and it usually involves ice cream. By doing this ‘cheat,’ it will allow the metabolism to stay fired up and also mean you are far more likely to stay on track!

5. Move. Wake up and mobilise the body gently … the body is made up of many types of tissues which become dehydrated over night (see point one above). Primarily, this is involves fascia! For best results, start gradually and allow the nervous system to adapt to the day’s activities before hitting a Mach 3 level of physical activity!Try adding one of the above points per day, focusing on each, individually, as part of your ‘daily routine’. By doing this, you will see how the other four points follow suit. To change basic habits, we must start gradually and build the base. A house with weak foundations will eventually crumble! If we focus on building deep footings and a strong foundation, we learn that the design of the house can vary, as long as it compliments our own vision and adapts to what we see as necessary at any given time in our lives. Health is fundamental, cement these principles in place and with a bit of belief and change, the rest have to follow!

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