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Do you ever stop and think ... how amazing it is to be here, with the millions of things that could have prevented us making it in the past? Our evolution from the primordial swamp to the land and developing to what we are today is nothing short of a miracle and shows the true "Antifragility" of our solar system, planet and our evolution. I think about this regularly and I firmly believe this short life must be utilised to the maximum as ...

"The quality, not the longevity of one's life is what's important." - Martin Luther King Jr

Movement is one of the best forms of expression and 'play', is something we do less and less of with age. I have also found that 'playing' is something that is looked down on in our society when seen in people over a certain age. If you looked at someone doing a human flag or a pull up on a lampost I believe the opinion would be very mixed, personally I would be massively impressed and think it is great!! Playing is the essence of remaining young and encourages a disconnection from the money focused world that surrounds us bringing you ever closer to what is really important ... Life!

How many things do you "do" and how often do you just "be", this really boils down to the term human-being. The term being is not defined by lables, systems or techniques but just simply being where you are being you.

Try and describe yourself now without a label that has been given to you or by things you have 'done'? ... Notice how hard this is ... once you have exhausted all of these options you move a little closer to the essence of being. I continually find this through movement, by feeling more and doing less with less expectations, fewer goals and therefore finding more enjoyment by being immersed with new patterns at that time.

Taking the body through multiple movement patterns has many incredible health benefits, too many to list ... BUT ... the biggest benefits of all lie within the way we control stress, through its application, absorbption and how the body reacts to it. During my classes / retreats / workshops etc, I believe a certain amount of stress should be implemented to test the body and take it into unexplored areas. This helps to assist the body in its overall development and the ability to adapt regardless what the external parameters are. The key is carefully adjusting the stress to provide the best results possible.

I no longer feel bound to systems (yoga asana, martial arts, fitness, dance, calisthenics etc) as these are purely ways of expressing movement via different channels. The challenge is to communicate these universal princples via different streams without getting caught up in the system itself.

The system is never it ... its just the container!

As a teacher and therefore 'always a student', it is important to see movement everywhere around us and appreciate it in its entirety rather than saying "that is that" or "this is this" .. its just movement ... some is far more efficient than others.

Over the next year I feel very fortunate for the up and coming opportunities to share my movement practice with many people around the world.

I hope to see you soon!

Kindest regards,

David Tilston

For more information on future training, please check out www.yogaandcalisthenics.com

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