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"Change is the only constant in life"

Make a change ...

"Nothing changes if nothing changes", I was told this around 8 years ago when I was contemplating leaving the military, so I took it upon myself to make a change and walk away from a job that I loved because I believed there was more in life that needed to be experienced.

Numerous changes then followed and I was grateful that I had taken that saying on board, since then I have seen how prevalent change is throughout life. The fact that everything around us is constantly morphing and changing into something new is just the way it is, everything is part of a big cycle that has millions of other cycles contained within it. An example of this is seen with space, our universe within space, our solar system within the universe, our earth within the solar system etc ... the list is endless down to the smallest macro-organisms.

I have noticed that things start to go wrong when one fails to take 'change' into account and holds on to the same rigid routine day in day out. This is like realising you have stepped onto an escalator but you are adamant you are going to run in the opposite direction. Being clever means you go with the flow, step off at the top and come back down and still achieve what you want to ... being a nutter means you run in the opposite direction until you are exhausted and collapse. From a broader approach ... adaption must occur to flow through the day rather than fighting it instead of holding on to a result that is completely independent of the surrounding environment.

"You are a part of your environment and therefore need to play a part in it's flow."

I experienced adaption when I did my response driving for the fire service. I was told by my instructor, the late Steve Mimms, "Every road has a tempo", if you go too quick or too slow you end up fighting all the time, the key is to look at the end of the road and react accordingly and learning how to blend with the traffic. No amount of pointless stress will change the outcome but adapting to those changes with intelligence and awareness will.

Martial arts has demonstrated many of these 'life principles' via my teacher GM Angelo Baldisonne, who has provided me with some of the tools to understand that "there is only one energy ... yours" ... this means it is always up to the individual to blend and adapt accordingly. Similar to the escalator scenario, there is no point in fighting against something that could be done far more efficiently by blending with the energy thats being received.

If one adopts a victim mentality then they will always remain the victim, attempting to live in a changing environment with a static mindset. To live life to its fullest, always be the student who moves and adapts to life, this then shows that change is just 'being present' in its purest form and that we are all part of the infinite ever changing picture.

I'll end on one of my favourite quotes from someone who's work continues to inspire me daily;

“This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

- Alan Watts

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