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A short blog - 'Determination is needed to achieve the things worth having.'

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." - Vince Lombardi

Taken from some of my recent work on the Prime Evolution programme ...

"The road to any destination worth reaching, is always going to be a long one, yet the value of that long journey is the journey itself. When we start to realise this then finding the required determination to continually challenge ourselves and step outside of our 'comfort zone', becomes a very natural part of the process, for life.

The struggle requires determination and very often we are unable to see the road ahead, nor the twist and turns that lie before us.

Your intention will help to build fortitude amongst the most arduous scenarios and allow you to tackle any challenge, knowing that you will undoubtedly learn something from it.

Isolation can cultivate unity

Determination can often lead to isolation and stepping away from normality ... and making sacrifices in order to help yourself and others. This is generally required in order to 'push the boundaries' and go beyond pre-conceived limitations. Although this may seem like isolation it is potentially cultivating more unity. For example ... as a parent you go to work daily to support your family, even though spending time with them is of the upmost importance. Your determination and ongoing sacrifice allows food to be placed on the table and helps to provide shelter for yourself and them, thus cultivating unity as a family by bringing you all closer together.

Our evolution, your future

The above concept is ingrained in our ancestors daily lifestyles - where water, food, shelter and safety were all needed to allow the communities to thrive. Staying still does not allow others to live, sacrificing time and safety were required to individuals from the groups taking a step into 'the unknown' in order to find necessities, and in turn, help many others. We have evolved through working together as communities, which have allowed us to adapt and overcome!

No time is wasted ...

Very often in life we stop ourselves because we worry about the outcome, but because we never get to the outcome we never get the chance to 'fail' the task, because of this lack of determination, and faith in our own potential, we miss out on many things in life due to 'fear' and worrying how others may perceive our actions.

Life is about taking chances, if things go wrong - draw upon the millions of lessons contained within that process and continue with the next thing, no time is wasted as it all has value! If you want to do something, start now as we are unable to plan for a future that may never exist if we do not focus on the present. We all have the same time in a day, how we use that time and what we prioritise as important will influence our overall happiness and productivity.

Be determined to be different, learn, study, get called weird for squatting in the street, walking along walls, hanging off things, travelling the world etc, and understand that there is no 'normal', apart from when you do something that everybody else does! Be unique, be weird, be determined, laugh, play, mess about, don't take life too seriously, love those around you and the things you do and most of all BE REAL with everything you do."


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