What then? ... "Adapt and overcome"

Goals are great and are sometimes needed as checkpoints in your on-going journey called life ... but, once you have achieved this goal ... what then?

Often we become fixated on an end result …

"When I get to Friday ..." , "When I get a six pack" ... "When I can handstand" , "When I get on my weeks holiday abroad next year I will be happy." etc.

The list is endless but all of these refer to things that do not exist yet as we cannot go forward in time! These are events that are yet to come and will be the culmination of what is happening right now in the present. The reality is some things may not even happen if you do not know how to embrace the great things that already exist.

I have lived in different countries with different cultures under very different external circumstances and what I have learned from these travels (and continue to learn) is that it is not what is happening outside that influence my thoughts. It is in fact, my thoughts that control my perception of the environment I am in. The reason I have mentioned this is I feel it is important to realise we should not be focused on these long distant goals but embrace the opportunities in front of us right now!

I have met many people who are constantly striving for perfection ... I can honestly say if this is what you are aiming for it does not exist and you will always be disappointed. Take a look around you ... everything in nature is "imperfectly perfect" with no straight lines but instead we can see ever changing, adapting shapes of expressed energy.

A tree is an excellent example of life which is why I chose this as my logo …

Tree of life

The roots are your early years, learning basic movement patterns as well as physical and verbal languages, how to feed yourself, go to the toilet, build stability, strength and mobility in the body etc. These roots are your ‘fundamentals and essentials to support life’ and are the most important concepts of all, forming your base! The roots aren’t straight, they deviate when they hit an obstacle and grow around it … they adapt and overcome but continue to grow deeper and continue to absorb to keep us alive!

The trunk of the tree is a layered core, which connects the roots to the branches and limbs. Initially the trunk is thin and as it grows and absorbs more energy it thickens adding layer upon layer to stand tall. The trunk is essential as it builds layer upon layer from the centre out, which is required as the branches grow to support the weight of the expanding canopy. The core transfers energy and from a physical perspective draws tremendous similarities to our own structure mimicking the spine and trunk. The spinal cord is our neurological motorway and the trunk supports these functions as well as housing the all-important organs that support life.

“To sustain life we must always focus on internal growth in order to develop.”

The branches grow randomly off the trunk reaching out to collect as much sunlight and energy as possible. These branches are the directions we take in life, they are not linear but duck and weave their way out from the centre to learn and seek development. Each branch can be seen as a time period in your life; for example, a job that you worked at for 10 years - there may have been times when it was hard, maybe you questioned things, but it should never be seen as negative – instead as a time of growth, learning & development. That branch has contributed to the growth of you and therefore the tree as a whole. The branches also spread out into even smaller limbs that grow leaves to collect nutrients but also to provide clean air and spread the seeds of that tree for the development of other trees or the existence of other life.

Life is about growing without judgement, a tree doesn’t judge or worry about the future … it just grows! We are here to absorb information via our roots or branches and assist others and the environment we inhabit. The tree/our life should never be perfect – what is perfect anyway?! It may look strange, there may be scars but you stand tall, you adapt to your surroundings, do what you can and find a way of continuing to grow. There is no set pattern and your journey is not the same as the tree you are standing next to. Absorb what is needed, live in an environment that supports life and stop wishing for things that you do not need which will undoubtedly cause more stress. Your branches must stay supported by your roots or you topple, so sometimes we need a trim to allow us to see where we really need to go!

“What you can aim for is progression and development whilst absorbing what is real and aiming to negate all that is fake or false.”

The people I have gravitated towards in my life are aware of the processes that are involved to thrive within the environment they live in but are not caught up with circumstances that they cannot influence or ones that do not compliment their on-going journey. Because of these concepts they love life and really do live in the moment, the more things you do that bring you into the only time that exists (as far as we currently know - the present) the more you will start to appreciate that you already have everything you need to be happy rather than waiting for something in the future. With this is mind it is no longer about "what then?" ... but how can I make a realistic positive change right now!

Get used to seeking solutions instead of problems and strive for the development of yourself and others. Stay grounded, stand tall and enjoy being "imperfectly perfect".

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