Yoga has been a big part of my life for the last 6 years, not just as a physical practice but through the more subtle aspects, philosophy and pranayama.

Originally I utilised the asana as a form of mobility to help enhance my martial arts and many other aspects of my movement, before realising there was a lot more to this. After a couple of years of practice and study my wife and I completed our teacher training at Samahita retreat, Thailand, under the guidance of Paul Dallaghan.

Since this point we have continued to study and teach, spending a full year of that at Samahita retreat working alongside and learning from Paul and other incredibly knowledgable teachers before moving back to the UK in 2016. Ellie and I both hold 500hr RYT qualifications.

The practice of yoga is deeply rooted in it's multi limbed approach and requires time to study, practice and digest. I have moved towards teaching a form of flow that covers a multidirectional approach to improve the way an individual moves, enhancing the human experience as a whole and not just the movement patterns that are confined to the mat.


For more information on teacher trainings, enhanced learning and any aspect of Yoga, please message me.


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